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    How to Live on a Rowboat for 3 Weeks

    By: Discovery

    It's not pretty, but it's efficient.

    December 12, 2019

    An expedition a year in the making, Colin O'Brady and crew are ready to call their rowboat home for the 3 weeks it will take to cross the Drake Passage. The boat is called 'Ohana,' which means family in the Hawaiian language.

    Here's how the 6 man team will live day to day during The Impossible Row.

    What will they Eat?

    For food the crew will chow down on Colin Bars 2.0 with a brand new formulation.

    "Similar to my Antarctica crossing there's custom bars created specifically for this," O'Brady explains via his Instagram.

    They'll also have a selection of freeze dried packaged food like scrambled eggs.

    How will they get Drinking Water?

    There is not nearly enough room for 3 weeks worth of water on the rowboat. The crew will have to use a solar powered de-salininator in order to make drinking water.

    Can they Sleep?

    The crew will be rowing for 90 minutes on then 90 minutes off, continuosly for 24 hours a day. Three people will be rowing at any given time while the other three will be given time to rest inside the tiny sleeping quarters.

    Where's the Bathroom?

    The bathroom on board the rowboat consists of a 5 gallon bucket. Your imagination can fill in the rest.

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