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    Get to Know Baby Eli of Alaskan Bush People

    By: Discovery

    Elijah Connor Brown became the newest pack member last spring. Hear how the littlest Alaskan Bush baby has been settling into life in the wild.

    December 04, 2019

    Almost a full year has past since Noah and his wife Rhain Alisha welcomed baby Eli into the world on February 26, 2019. Since then Eli has won the hearts of everyone around him including four legged friends.

    "It's been a wonderful 8 1/2 months," says father Noah. "Everyday just keeps getting better."

    Elijah Connor Brown's First Year Photo Album

    Baby Eli has had quite a first year! See all the adorable photos taken by parents Noah and Rhain Alisha from Alaskan Bush People.

    Rhain is thrilled to be a mother and advises new parents to "go with the flow" and be "ready for anything." She is taking one day at a time and enjoying every moment. The whole family loves watching Eli grow and develop his own personality.

    Noah is equally excited about fatherhood and to see Eli take his first steps and start talking. Watch him continue to grow on Alaskan Bush People.

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