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    August, Otto, Charlotte, Kelli, and Shane laughing at the table

    Photo by: Luke Crafton

    Luke Crafton

    Get Creative with Charlotte Kilcher's Step by Step Instructions for a DIY Holiday Wreath

    By: Ashley McNertney

    Alaska: The Last Frontier | Holiday Wreath 03:01

    The holidays are upon us and the perfect time to learn how to make a DIY a wreath for your holiday table setting from Alaska: The Last Frontier's own Charlotte Kilcher. Roll up those sleeves and get ready to have the perfectly stunning holiday wreath.

    The holidays are upon us, and in preparation for all the festivities, Charlotte Kilcher from Alaska: The Last Fronter is here to show us how to make the perfect holiday wreath. It's important to gather items and vegetation that you can find in your local neighborhood to get started, and even if you aren't living on the Alaska homestead, every area has unique items to offer.

    Charlotte uses colorful items like rose hips, yaro, rasberry leaves, berries, crab apples and mountain ash in her local land, along with leftover barbwire to get started.

    • Start with barbwire as your base and attach leaves to it.
    • Attach with really thin wire.
    • Get a base going with the barb wire and vegetation.
    • Keep attaching as you go along each section.

    Once you're done, you can use it however you'd like, whether it's hanging on a door or set on a table for Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner. This is a great addition to any home during the holidays!

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