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    Very Chunky Animals

    Dibs on seconds! These animals are very full and chunky, perhaps they are recovering from a big meal....can you relate?

    Photo By: sandf320

    Photo By: Photo by Katkami

    Photo By: leungchopan

    Photo By: N8tureGrl

    Photo By: Images from BarbAnna

    Photo By: Akira Ota / EyeEm

    Photo By: pjmalsbury

    Photo By: frankiefotografie

    Chunky Prairie Dog

    "Pass the mashed potatoes please."

    Chunky Golden Pheasant

    Relaxing before dessert.

    Chunky Panda

    "Just one more."

    Chunky Brown Bear

    Looking for more appetizers.

    Chunky Toad


    Chunky Seal

    Post-Thanksgiving recovery.

    Chunky Hippo

    "Focused on the end goal -- leftovers!"

    Chunky Rhino

    "No talk, me hangry."

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